Artists for every occasion

Book entertainment from artists for your children, birthday party, graduation, wedding, party, or corporate team building.

Application Features

Come forward to the place where you are needed.

Order manager

You don't need your own manager if you have one with you all the time. Manage orders anywhere with a few clicks.

Availability calendar

No more unnecessary phone calls regarding your availability. Your public calendar is self managed according to the orders you confirm.

Free account

Use your account on the platform for free and receive 100% of the costs for your performance.


Work with customers who are reviewed by other artists.

Cancellation with benefit

Get up to 30% of your order as compensation if a customer cancels an already confirmed performance.


Create your personal artist profile or band profiles and get more orders with their free marketing.


You won't miss an event any more. Automatic notifications of every order, customer request or receipt of money.

Your Price

Adjust the final price for each order according to the customer's requirements.


Perform individually as a entrepreneur, or company without accounting complications. All invoices and documents available for download in the app.

Customer support

If you don't know what to do, our customer support is always here to help.

What do we offer?

For artists

  • Presentation and searching the database totally free, in order to increase sales with your orders.
  • Appear among other artists and increase the chances for your orders.
  • Career growth and feedback.

For customers

  • Database for finding artists and inspiration on how to enrich your event.
  • Artists who arrive at your designated address to perform.
  • Also suitable for companies (automatic invoicing after the event).
  • Arts from bands, musicians, bands, moderators, DJs, through photographers, dancers, comedians, visualists, to animators, or folk ensemble.
  • Available at any time via the web app.
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How it works?

Create an order

Choose an artist of your liking and with a few clicks through their profile, select the services you want and specify the details of your event.


Artist approval and payment

Based on your requirements and availability, the artist will decide if the order will be accepted. Then you can pay for your order securely by card in advance.


Make an event happen

After paying for the order, arrange the event according to the agreed terms with the artist, where you only need to confirm the artist arrival.


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Art categories

compliant with the Umevia platform

Musician / Singer

Musician / Singer





Photographer / Cameraman

Photographer / Cameraman





Event planner

Event planner



and dozens of other artists who can come to the place specified by the customer in the order.

Innovative Startup 2022

The Umevia platform received the Public Award in the Social Impact Award Slovakia 2022 program for the highest number of votes.

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Discover the modern way to art

And book an artist for your occasion, or start offering art services to your customers. Together, we'll start using modern technology the way it should be used :)

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Online tutorials

Guidance for effective use of the application and answers to the most common questions are available to you 24/7 in our online documentation.

Since we are constantly upgrading the platform according to your needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case of any questions or recommendations via the contacts below.

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Your ideas

Do you know how to make this platform even better? We are ready to discuss!

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